Figures of Speech
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Gender Agreement

In grammar agreement means a situation in which two words have the same grammatical form. This shows if nouns or subject (someone who does an action) is feminine the pronouns that follow must be feminine too. Example:

Masculine genderFeminine gender
Shi malami ne (he's a teacher)Ita malama ce (she's a teacher)
Kace mashi yazo (ask him to come)Kace mata tazo (ask her to come in)
Wanda yazo (The man who came)Wacce tazo (the woman who came)

Gender agreement isn't exclusive to people, it extends to things, places and inanimate objects. Examples

Don't say: Makaranta na. Say: Makaranta ta.

"Makaranta" is feminine so the pronoun that follow it must be feminine too.

Don't say: Littafi ta. Say: littafi na.

"Littafi" is masculine so the pronoun that follow it must be masculine too.

Gender Agreement of some inanimate objects

Masculine genderFeminine gender
Sabon babur (new motorcycle)Sabuwar mota (new car)
Ginin yana da tsawo (the building is tall)Tafiyar tana da tsawo (it's a long journey)
Surutun ya isa haka (we no longer need noise again)Maganar ta isa haka (we don't want to hear from you anymore)
Ruwa mai ƙarfi ya zubar da gini (heavy rain make the building collapsed)Iska mai ƙarfi ta zubar da ginin (heavy wind make the building collapsed)


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